Fursday Thursday- Meet Tommy

posted by Roger King -

Hey, I'm Tommy...I wandered away from my home and now I'm at the Max Fund in Denver looking for a new forever home!
I am smart, a quick learner, and will be your bestest friend!!

Hi there! My name is Tommy and I am a handsome German Shepherd and I'm around 8 years old.

I wandered away from home one day and got lost. Luckily a nice stranger found me and took me here to the MAxFund so I could find my forever home! Because I am a stray, not much is known about my past. I am not sure how I am with other dogs, be sure to have me meet any pups you have at home. 

I also am unsure of how I am with cats, so be sure to talk to the front desk about a cat test. 

I am very sweet and loyal. I will make a wonderful, life-long companion. I am very playful but I may get a little mouthy while playing. Overall, I am very smart and well-behaved, so I can easily be trained. 

I am very intelligent, so be sure to keep my mind stimulated. Giving me toys to play with and taking me on waks would make me the happiest dog in the world! 

I am easy to handle on a leash and am a good walker. However, because I have severe hip dysplasia, I do have a difficult time getting in and out of cars. I also have a hard time with stairs. If you live in a single story house, that would be ideal for me! 

If you think I might be a good fit for you and your family, please stop by the MaxFund and meet me today! You won't regret it.    www.maxfund.org