Google Maps for Motorcycles?

If you’ve ever needed to get from one place to another and you have a cell phone, then you’ve probably used Google Maps before. It is one of the most ubiquitous navigation apps in the world, and motorcyclists often use it to get from Point A to Point B. However, this app doesn’t always take into account the niceties of riding a motorcycle… until now!

A Motorcycle Mode for Google Maps?

When you open the Google Maps app and get directions, a few icons show up under your destination. Each icon gives you a time estimate next to a little picture of the mode of transportation you will be using. Right now, the options available to most users are driving, public transportation, walking, ridesharing, or cycling. That could soon change.

In Eastern Asia, Google Maps users are getting a new transportation option, motorcycle mode. It factors in the unique travel issues faced by motorcyclists. It will show routes that are restricted to motorcycle traffic, motorcycle unfriendly roads, and even parking areas. Since riders can’t constantly check their phones, the audio instruction feature even relies on landmarks more. This new feature is tailored specifically for the motorcyclist on the go, but will it break out of Asia anytime soon?

Though Google hasn’t said whether the feature will be coming to the U.S. or not, its top competitor Waze has stated a motorcycle feature will be coming to its app soon. This could spur Google into action, but will the motorcycle feature be robust enough for the U.S. market? Riders in the U.S. tend to ride more recreationally and so often don’t take the most efficient path. Could Google feature a recreational riding option, so you can find the nearest fun ride on your trip from one place to another?

The attorneys who ride at Metier Law Firm are interested to see if Google can meet the needs of American riders. Keep following our motorcycling attorneys to for updates on this app and other important motorcycling issues.

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