How Would You Build a Hoverbike?

You don’t have to be a mechanical genius to ride a motorcycle, but having the “can-do” spirit to roll up your sleeves and start tinkering doesn’t hurt. Everyday people have built all sorts of motorcycles in their garages, from Bonneville racers to custom cruisers. But have you ever imagined building a flying motorcycle in your garage? Well, this guy did it, but before you start cleaning off your toolbox to take a swing at it, there are some things about his story that you need to know.

A Man with a Dream Builds a Flying Motorcycle

Zhao Deli of Guangdong province in China has always dreamed of soaring through the clouds, and two years ago he realized that dream could be a reality. He saw a Canadian hovering surfboard, and that was all it took. He quit his job, sold his house and relied on friends to help fund a lifelong dream—skyward mobility.

Using knowhow acquired from tinkering with drones, Zhao has poured his blood, sweat and tears into the project. He calls it Jin Dou Yun—the name of the pet cloud ridden by the Monkey King of Chinese mythology. Zhao has poured $145,000 into his project, and the results have been startling.

On July 28th, Zhao premiered a barebones hovercycle to the media and spectators by riding it across his test field. Working like a quadcopter drone, the craft can take off and travel at a top speed of 44 mph. The inventor says his machine will also fly at a maximum 9,800 feet, and it can carry a max payload of 220 pounds. However, this machine isn’t built for long rides. Its battery will only last 30 minutes.

This man says he has finally achieved his dreams, and it only took him 1,560 test flights. Now, he hopes to develop his homemade hoverbike into a safe marketable product. But will he succeed? Do you think we’ll all be riding around on flying motorcycles in the near future? Tell us what you think on Twitter and Facebook. You can also keep following the motorcycling attorneys from Metier Law Firm to learn more about the future of motorcycling here in Colorado!