The New Type of Motorcycle Recall

We recently talked about how electric motorcycles are becoming popular with younger riders, making them the motorcycle of the future. Well, just because a new type of bike is changing the industry doesn’t mean it isn’t subject to the foibles of traditional motorcycling. A recall has been issued for a popular eMoto and ignoring this one could bring your ride to an abrupt stop.

A Modern Motorcycle Recall

Have you ever ridden an old carbureted motorcycle after twisting the throttle too hard and too fast? If it doesn’t buck you into next Sunday, it will usually stall as soon as you chop throttle to compensate. It’s a big problem that fuel injection solved in contemporary bikes, but would you believe that a similar problem has shown up in an electric motorcycle?

According to a new recall issued by Alta Motors in conjunction with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, something similar can happen on Alta Redshift models. If the throttle position is rolled past the closed position, a fault in the software could occur, causing the motorcycle to stall. That could lead to a crash if the bike suddenly cuts out at an inopportune instant.

This glitch can be found in some 2019 Alta Redshift EXR and 2018-2019 Alta Redshift MXR motorcycles. The company recommends that owners of motorcycles within the VIN ranges of 56PARAEM_KB000367 – 56PARAEM_KB000488 for the MXR’s and 56PARAFM_KB000099 – 56PARAFM_KB000191 for the EXR’s take their bikes to their local dealerships.

Unlike the days where you had to wait for mechanics to pop open your motorcycle, find the defective part and replace it, this recall will only require a software patch. So, you shouldn’t need to abandon your bike at the dealership for several days of mechanical surgery.

 To learn more about this recall head over to, and keep following the attorneys who ride at Metier Law Firm to find out more about staying safe while riding your motorcycle

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