Is Harley-Davidson Still Doing Electric?

Recently, Harley-Davidson has been on the news a lot. In one moment, analysts are predicting its downfall. In the next moment, the manufacturer is announcing a new line of bikes like nothing it has ever built before. The company is even trying to get in on the ground floor when it comes to electric motorcycles… or is it? More developments are casting shadows on Harley’s future, but could some of these changes actually benefit the company?

Is the Electric Harley-Davidson Dream Still Alive?

Months ago, we informed you that Harley had formed a strategic alliance with Alta Motors in California. The two companies struck a deal to exchange knowledge that would lead to two new electric Harleys. However, that alliance has died.

Just six months after striking a deal with Alta, Harley has divested itself from the San Francisco startup. This casts serious doubt on future electric motorcycle projects like Harley’s Livewire, which is due to come out in 2019. That being said, the bar and shield manufacturer hasn’t quite thrown in the towel.

The company has announced that it will now open a research and development center in Northern California. This new R&D center will develop Harley’s new vehicle line, including its heavily anticipated electric models. This new facility is expected to open before the end of the year, and the company is already knee deep in the hiring process.

Engineers of the electrical, mechanical and software variety are being courted for new vehicle development at this facility. But will this new facility be enough to bolster Harley’s promise of new and exciting motorcycles? Will the company be able to stick to the timetables it has already released to the press? Only time will tell at this point, but the motorcycling attorneys at Metier Law Firm will let you know if there are any updates.

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