Want a Motorcycle with that Gun?

Did you know Yamaha originally produced pianos? Ducati originally manufactured vacuum tubes and condensers. Many motorcycle companies started out making products other than two-wheeled dream machines. However, this trend did not stand the test of time, and now most new motorcycle manufactures start out manufacturing the bikes they are known for. This may be why so many people are shocked that Kalashnikov plans to manufacture electric motorcycles.

From Russia with Lithium-Ion Battery: Guns and Motorcycles

Russian gunmaker Kalashnikov is well known for its carbine rifles—particularly its AK-47. It could be described as one of the most well-known gunmakers in the world. So, why is the company trying to build motorcycles? Nobody really knows, but what they plan on releasing has more than a few motorcycle enthusiasts intrigued.

The UM-1 and SM-1 are two motorcycles seemingly designed for the adventure bike section of the market. Both have long travelling suspension, off-road tires, saddlebags and crash bars. However, they also have something not commonly seen in the ADV bike segment, a lithium-ion powered drive train.

The UM-1 is designed for the urban dweller, sporting a top speed of around 62 mph, while producing 15kw of power. It also has an anticipated range of around 93 miles and a curb weight between 360 and 540 lbs. There are fewer details about the SM-1’s specs, but that bike is expected to be more rugged with a range similar to its urban sibling.

 Kalashnikov has yet to announce when production will start, and it hasn’t told consumers when the bike will be available for purchase. Do you think this bike will actually make it to the streets? If it is released, do you think this new eMoto will get a warm welcome? Let us know what you think on Twitter and Facebook, and keep following the attorneys who ride at Metier Law Firm to learn more as it becomes available.

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