Ranger Needs A New Home

A family found out their daughter is extremely allergic to dogs and cats, so, sadly, they need to find their Chocolate Lab  Ranger a new home.  They want to find a great family.

He is 5, a purebred chocolate lab, upto date on shots, recently groomed, 63 pounds. As any lab, he does have his quirks like following his nose to any food, and is a Velcro-dog, thinking he is a person. He doesn’t love being outside alone, but is the sweetest thing ever with people and amazing with kids! 

The family has had him since he was 10 weeks old. His mom was a hunter and dad a show dog. He loves runs, hikes, people, and peanut butter ❤️

He’s a gorgeous, sweet dog and want to find him a great home.  They are asking for a re-homing fee so that they ensure he is going to a home that really wants him as a part of their family.

For more info on Ranger contact deb@themuttmaster.com

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