Blucifer moved atop Mile High scoreboard

Blue Mustang, known to locals by the nickname Blucifer, was relocated over the weekend. The fiberglass sculpture of a mustang was moved from Denver International Airport to rest on top of the scoreboard on the south side of Mile High Stadium.

Colored bright blue, with glowing red eyes, Blue Mustang is notable both for its frightening appearance and for having killed its creator Luis Jiménez when a section of it fell on him at his studio during the building process. Standing at 32 feet tall and weighing 9,000 pounds including its steel armature, Blue Mustang was previously located in the median of Peña Boulevard.

Blucifer now replaces Bucky the Bronco. Bucky, a 30-foot high replica of actor Roy Rogers horse Trigger, was mounted atop the scoreboard in the original stadium, then moved to the scoreboard in the new stadium. Sources involved with the move have confirmed that Bucky has been sold to a glue factory outside of Niwot, Colorado.

See the photos of BLUCIFER’s new home at Mile High Stadium below:


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