Fox Facts: July 10

2016 - Joe Perry, Aerosmith lead guitarist, suffers a cardiac arrest while performing with Alice Cooper and Johnny Depp, in Coney Island in Brooklyn, New York. The 65 year old is rushed to Coney Island hospital, where's he's listed in stable condition.

2012 - Slash gets his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Charlie Sheen is master of ceremonies at the event.

2009 - Robert Plant is officially a Commander of the British Empire after being bestowed with the title by Prince Charles at Buckingham Palace.

2008 - By simply tapping an app button on an iPhone, music fans can finally get an answer to the timeless question, "What's that song?" 

Shazam's free smartphone app is the first music recognition service of its kind - using a phone's microphone to listen to any song being played publicly - like in a restaurant, at a friend's house, or on TV - and identify it. And it actually works.

2002 - Eddie Van Halen and Valerie Bertinelli announced that they had secretly separated 10 months before.

There was no indication that the two planned to get formally divorced.

1993 - Bob Seger marries his third and wife, Juanita Dorricott.

1986 - Grateful Dead leader Jerry Garcia goes into a diabetic coma, forcing the band to cancel the rest of their tour. He's in the coma for five days, and when he comes to, he has to learn how to walk and talk again. After months of rehab, he gets his faculties back and in December, and is once again on stage with his band.

1978 - Bill Wyman, Rolling Stones bassist, falls from the stage at a gig St. Paul, Minnesota, and is knocked unconscious.

1977 - Cher and Gregg Allman (The Allman Brothers) son, Elijah Blue Allman is born.

1975 - Gregg Allman and Cher's famously rocky marriage almost ends in divorce after only ten days. Cher changes her mind three weeks later.

1969 - The funeral is held for The Rolling Stones founding member Brian Jones, who was found dead in his swimming pool on July 3rd.

1968 - Eric Clapton breaks up of the supergroup Cream.

1965 - The Rolling Stones "I Can't Get No) Satisfaction" hits #1 in America. It stays for four weeks, becoming the biggest hit of 1965.

1964 - The Beatles return to Liverpool for a showing of their first movie, A Hard Day's Night.

1942 - Heavy metal singer Ronnie James Dio is born Ronald James Padavona in Portsmouth, New Hampshire.