Fox Facts: July 6

1978 - Eddie Mahoney changed his name to Eddie Money. 

1977 - Pink Floyd performed at Olympic Stadium in Montreal on the final stop of their first stadium tour, Roger Waters spits on an unruly fan and excoriates the crowd for setting off fireworks. The experience inspires their next album, The Wall.

1973 - Queen release their self-titled debut album, along with their first single, "Keep Yourself Alive." The album is released in America on September 4.

1972 - David Bowie performs on Top Of The Pops, causing an uproar among the conservative British audience by singing with his arm coquettishly draped around the shoulder of guitarist Mick Ronson – a move that makes him as a household name overnight.

1967 - Pink Floyd appear on the British TV show Top Of The Pops for the first time.

1965 - The Jefferson Airplane was formed in San Francisco.. 

1957 - John Lennon asked Paul McCartney to join his band, the Quarrymen,