Fox Facts: July 7

2006 - Syd Barrett, Pink Floyd founder, dies at the age of 60.

1992 - Spinal Tap ends their reunion tour with a sold-out show at Royal Albert Hall in London.

1980 - Led Zepplin plays their last concert with drumming John Bonham in West Berlin.

1977 - Styx tie in with the date (7-7-77) by releasing their 7th album, The Grand Illusion.

1975 - Keith Richards was arrested and charged with possession of an offensive weapon and reckless driving in Arkansas.

1973 - McCartney and Wings release "Live and Let Die."  

1969 - The Beatles release "Here Comes The Sun."

1969 - John Lennon releases "Give Peace A Chance" in the US.

1968 - The Yardbirds disband immediately after a gig in Luton, England and Jimmy Page begins forming what will become Led Zeppelin.

1967 - The Monkees opened a national tour with Hendrix as the opener. 

1940 - Ringo Starr is born Richard Starkey in Dingle, Liverpool, England.