Fox Facts: July 16

2012 - Jon Lord of Deep Purple, dies at age 71 of a pulmonary embolism while suffering from pancreatic cancer.

2008 - Billy Joel bids goodbye to Shea Stadium with the first of two star-studded concerts.

1996 - John Panozzo, Styx drummer, dies at age 47 when his liver fails after years of drinking.

1990 - Trial begins for Judas Priest after they are accused of implanting subliminal messages in their song "Better By You, Better Than Me." The case is dismissed after the judge determines that the supposed subliminal message is just an accidental recording oddity.

1976 - Driven by discord after Gregg Allman testified against the band's road manager, The Allman Brothers announce their breakup. Gregg records and album with his wife, Cher, and Dickey Betts forms Great Southern. The band reunites in 1978.

1973 -  The Grand Funk Railroad single "We're An American Band" was released.

1966 - A supergroup is born as Eric Clapton teams up with bassist Jack Bruce and drummer Ginger Baker of the Graham Bond Organization to form Cream.

1952 - Stewart Copeland is born in Alexandria, Virginia. He spends his youth in Lebanon and then England. After moving back to the States to attend college, he returns to the UK to play drums for Curved Air and then The Police.