Fox Facts: July 30

2003 - When the disease SARS spreads to Toronto, it scares a lot of people away. To get visitors back, the city puts on a huge open-air concert featuring The Rolling Stones, The Guess Who, Rush, The Isley Brothers, The Flaming Lips and Justin Timberlake (who is jeered and has muffins thrown at him). About 450,000 people attend.

2001 - Marilyn Manson wraps his legs around the head of a 26-year-old security guard and grinds into him at OzzFest in Clarkston, Michigan. The guard sues, claiming his head was "completely engulfed" in Manson's groin and Manson is arrested on charges of battery and sexual assault and eventually pleads no contest to the battery charge, paying a $4,000 fine. The civil suit filed by the guard is later settled.

1996 - Sublime's self-titled album is released.

1991 - "Enter Sandman" is released as a single, serving as a preview of what's to come from Metallica's Black Album. With a cover of the early Queen classic "Stone Cold Crazy" on the B-side, it reaches #16 on the Hot 100, their best showing to this point.

1987 - David Bowie played the first show of his North American "Glass Spider" tour in Philadelphia, PA. 

1970 - The Rolling Stones fired Allen Klein as their manager. 

1969 - The Beatles record "You Never Give Me Your Money," "Come Together," "Polythene Pam," "She Came In Through the Bathroom Window," and "Carry That Weight."

1966 - The Beatles' Yesterday ...And Today album hits #1 in America.

1966 - "Wild Thing" by The Troggs hits #1.

1965 - The Rolling Stones release their fourth US album, Out Of Our Heads.