Fox Facts: October 27

2013 - Fleetwood Mac co-founder John McVie is diagnosed with cancer and band cancels the remaining dates of their tour.

2013 - Lou Reed of The Velvet Underground dies of liver disease in Southampton, New York, at age 71.

1993 - Glenn Frey's TV series South of Sunset makes its debut on CBS.

1988 - The U2 concert movie "Rattle and Hum" opened in Ireland. 

1984 - Ozzy Osbourne and Sharon welcome baby girl Kelly Osbourne, born in Westminster, London.

1980 - Mark David Chapman buys a .38 revolver at a gun store in Honolulu for $169, which he usesdit to kill John Lennon later that year.

1979 - Elton John collapses during his show at Hollywood's Universal Amphitheatre and is hospitalized for "exhaustion."

1975 - Bruce Springsteen appears on the covers of both Time and Newsweek.

1973 - Aerosmith opens for headliners Mott The Hoople at Boston's Orpheum Theater.

1972 - Elton John's single "Crocodile Rock" was released in the U.K. 

1970 - Black Sabbath begin their first US tour.

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