It's March 1st, Get Out and Do Something

Susie Wargin - Highlands Ranch 10K

It's March 1st! Yes, it's still cold, but spring is coming at some point right? Two months are down in 2021, how are your New Year's Resolutions looking? Is it time to revisit them? No matter your passion, your age or your circumstances, look at those goals again, or make new ones and use a month with 31 days to work on achieving them (February goes by WAY too fast). 

I like to run and signing up for races forces me to mix up my running workouts. They aren’t always fun, especially in the frigid temperatures we had in February, but at a 10K on February 28th, it paid off: I took 1st place in my age group and averaged an 8:15/mile. Now I need to figure out what's next! I'm thankful more in-person races are starting to pop up. 

What's next for you? Write it down, sign up for something or work on making it happen now 🙂

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