Here's The Oldest Bar In Colorado

Cheerful female friends enjoying drinks in bar

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There's something exhilarating about visiting historic businesses that still serve customers, especially when it comes to bars. A lot of these places wear their history on their sleeve with black-and-white photographs, mementos, and of course, the drinks that keep people coming back. But it's not just the booze and the scenery -- it's also the vibes, activities, and memories that both locals and tourists make there.

For those curious about the most historic bar in America, Cheapism pinpointed every state's oldest bar. The website states, "With a mixed bag of histories from raucous, Prohibition-era speakeasies to exclusive establishments that brag of hosting presidents and celebrities, the oldest bars in the United States are as diverse as the country itself."

Colorado's oldest bar is the Buffalo Rose Tavern! Writers explain, "The original tavern opened in 1859, though the brand-new renovation of The Buffalo Rose Tavern in Golden includes five historical buildings and venues, retaining historical touches but adding a retractable glass roof."

The menu is actually formatted like an old-school newspaper, headlining Buffalo Bill's burial happening in Golden, where the bar is located. You can look forward to delicious appetizers and entrees alongside a huge selection of wines, beers, and mixed drinks. If you want to catch a live event at Buffalo Rose Tavern, there's a calendar of upcoming events on their website.

Check out the full list of every state's oldest bars on Cheapism's website.

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