This Colorado Building Was Named The Ugliest In The State

Downtown Denver Art Museum with moon at Night Colorado

Photo: Getty Images

The United States is full of jaw-dropping examples of stunning architecture, from Seattle's Space Needle to the Empire State Building in New York. Not every unique-looking building can be a winner, though. While beauty is within the eye of the beholder, there can be a general consensus on what's considered unappealing.

For those curious about America's architectural eyesores, Travel A Lot found the most unsightly building in every state. The list includes administrative offices, popular museums, tourist attractions, and much more.

According to the website, Colorado's ugliest building is the Denver Art Museum. Here's why it was chosen:

"This design doesn’t scream 'art museum' as much as it screams 'supervillain’s lair.' The odd angles and sharp points are probably the furthest away from beautiful art that you can get. Why is it that art museums are frequently designed to look like the most unappealing, unartistic buildings possible? Do with this quote from the designer what you will: 'The project is not designed as a standalone building but as part of a composition of public spaces, monuments and gateways in this developing part of the city, contributing to the synergy amongst neighbors large and intimate.'"

The museum's design was so appalling to writers, it even broke into the list's Top 10. That means it's among the most questionable-looking buildings in the country.

Check out the full list on Travel A Lot's website.

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