Cut Traded Fired Retired Podcast: Alfred Williams

One would assume that a 2-time All American, Butkus Award winner, National Champion and 2-time Super Bowl Champion played football his whole life. Not the case with Alfred Williams. He begrudgingly started playing in high school: Alfred wanted to be a quarterback and when he was switched to defensive line after a couple days of practice, he quit. 

Thankfully a coach kept after him and convinced Alfred to come back out and promised he would be by his side and help him. Not only did that high school coach help him with football, he helped him navigate life. Alfred made sure that same coach saw Super Bowl 32 and 33.

While Alfred had incredible success at the University of Colorado and was a first-round draft pick in the NFL, he still faced many struggles during his time as a pro level including injuries, questionable coaching and guidance and a divorce. Life got better when he signed with the Broncos in 1996.

Big Al has always considered Colorado his home and stayed true to that in retirement, entertaining fans on Denver TV and radio stations for years. These days he’s an afternoon co-host on KOA Radio with Dave Logan and Ryan Edwards.

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