Colorado City Among The 'Most Dangerous Cities' For Winter Driving

Blizzard on the road.

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Driving in wintry conditions can not only be annoying but hazardous. Slippery roads, stubborn snow, frigid temperatures, and even severe weather events can wreak havoc on traffic, especially during rush hour. While every place that gets snow faces these challenges, some cities tend to have worse driving conditions thanks to proximity to certain environments, older infrastructure, and intense weather patterns. For both prospective and current residents of these locations, regularly dealing with nasty winter weather may be a turn-off.

That's why DriveSafeOnline identified the most dangerous U.S. cities for winter driving, "from the snowy streets of the Midwest to the freezing highways of the Northeast."

Colorado's capital, Denver, landed a spot on the list. Writers said the Mile High City often suffers from "rapid temperature fluctuations" thanks to its proximity to the Rocky Mountains. Throw in the steep inclines and possibility of snowstorms, and drivers may find themselves on a treacherous trip.

Anchorage, Alaska was named America's most dangerous city to drive in during the winter. Writers cited the horrendously low temperatures, heavy snowfall, and frequency of black ice and whiteouts during trips as the reason for their choice.

Here are the Top 10 most dangerous cities for winter driving, according to the roundup:

  1. Anchorage, Alaska
  2. Buffalo, New York
  3. Minneapolis, Minnesota
  4. Boston, Massachusetts
  5. Chicago, Illinois
  6. Denver, Colorado
  7. Detroit, Michigan
  8. Spokane, Washington
  9. Salt Lake City, Utah
  10. Cleveland, Ohio

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