103.5 The Fox Celebrates the 50th Anniversary of the Denver Pop Festival

Thursday, June 27 - Sunday, June 30, 103.5 The Fox celebrates the 50th Anniversary of the Denver Pop Festival!

The Denver Pop Festival was a 3-day music festival here in Denver, promoted by Berry Fey on June 27-29, 1969. An estimated 50,000 people gathered at Denver Mile High Stadium to see Frank Zappa, CCR, and the final performance of the Jimi Hendrix Experience.

Other fact about the festival:

  • Woodstock was not the first time Jimi Hendrix had played the Star Spangled Banner as he played his rendition at the Denver Pop Festival as well.
  • Police were present outside Mile High as well as inside. One minor incident occurred – a fan undressed, but was taken away promptly by security.
  • Barry Fey initially only had $100,000 to promote/produce the festival; the budget eventually ballooned to $300,000 – Hendrix alone was $50,000!!

Hear bootlegs of the legendary Denver Pop Festival:



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