Vinyl @ Nineyl: The Biggest Selling Long Playing Record (LP) of All Time

America's greatest inventor, Thomas Edison, was born on this day in 1847.

You know...that I know...that you know...that Edison invented the light bulb.

He also invented the phonograph.

The phonograph became the gramophone and then the record player.

You know...that I know...that you know...that vinyl albums spin on a record player.

The biggest selling long playing record (LP) of all time is ~ "Their Greatest Hits (1971-1975)" by THE EAGLES.

Which coincidentally was released on 2/17/76, coming up on 44 years ago next week.

Since it's a "Two fer Tuesday", The Fox will play at least a pair from that album during tonight's "Vinyl @ Nineyl".

(PSST...maybe two pairs....)

Photo: Getty Images

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