Giving blood!

I found a great excuse to get out and show off my Broncos mask this week: giving blood!  Blood is a vital resource and only comes from volunteer donors like you and me. Vitalant needs our help to overcome the impacts of COVID-19 to ensure blood is available for patients in need. Blood donation is an essential healthcare activity and it is safe to donate. Patients who rely on blood products need our help in the coming days and weeks to keep the blood supply stable as the community slows the spread of the virus.

Find donation opportunities near you and sign up today:

More information on Vitalant’s response to COVID-19:

Note: you may have to look 5-7 days out to find an appointment, but please take the time to plan ahead and donate. They've had strong donations the last few weeks and fear it will taper off over the next month. Keep the donations coming!

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