Fox Facts: August 1

1996 - MTV launched another channel known as MTV2. 

1994 - The Rolling Stones politely refuse an invitation to play at the Bill Clinton White House.

1992 - "Jeremy" by Pearl Jam video makes its debut on MTV.

1990 - After writing "Blaze of Glory" for the film, Jon Bon Jovi makes his acting debut in Young Guns II, playing an inmate who gets shot.

1989 - The Rolling Stones release their album Steel Wheels.

1987 - Guns N' Roses shoot their first video, for "Welcome To The Jungle" at Park Plaza and 450 South La Brea in Hollywood.

1980 - Def Leppard perform their first US live gig, opening for AC/DC in New York City.

1978 - Dhani Harrison is born to George Harrison and his soon-to-be-wife Olivia.

1972 - The Eagles release "Witchy Woman."

1971 - Long before Live Aid, there is "The Concert For Bangla Desh" at Madison Square Garden in New York.

1964 - With The Beatles' album A Hard Day's Night already at #1 in America, the title track also hits the top spot, where it stays for two weeks.

1959 - Joe Elliot (lead vocalist for Def Leppard) is born is Sheffield, South Yorkshire, England.

1951 - Guitarist Tommy Bolin (of Deep Purple and the James Gang) is born in Sioux City, Iowa.

1951 - Tim Bachman (of Bachman-Turner Overdrive) is born in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.

1946 - Boz Burrell (bass player for Bad Company) is born in Holbeach, Lincolnshire, England.

1942 - Jerry Garcia (of  Grateful Dead) is born in San Francisco, California.