Susie Wargin

Susie Wargin

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Cut Traded Fired Retired Podcast: Tony Boselli

Tony Boselli’s goal growing up was to play high school football for Sam Pagano. He attended Coach Pagano’s infamous Mile High Football camps and dreamt of running onto Knight’s field at Fairview High School. His home school was Boulder High, so he told his dad he had to figure out a way into Fairview, or he would go live with his aunt & uncle across town. Tony’s dad figured it out.  

Once he was under Coach Pagano’s tutelage, Tony was moved from quarterback to the offensive line. Quite the change, but whatever Coach said was gospel to the tall, lanky kid who would grow even more and thrive on the line. Offers started to come in from colleges and Tony narrowed it down to USC and Notre Dame. When the Irish told him they weren’t interested, Tony headed to California and was a multi-year All-American and All-Pac 10 player.  

In 1995, the Jacksonville Jaguars took Tony as the 2nd overall pick and his pro career thrived as a 3-time All-Pro, 5-time Pro Bowler and a member of the 1990’s NFL All Decades Team. Life was good, until Tom Coughlin told Tony he was being traded to the expansion Houston Texans.  

Tony was upset and bitter for a few years, but eventually realized he and his family belonged back in Jacksonville. He remains there today. Since retirement, several Hall of Fames have enshrined Tony, including Pro Football, College Football, and Colorado Sports. Today, he’s the Jags radio color commentator, runs his Boselli Foundation with his wife Angi and heads up a health care company.