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Susie Wargin

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Cut Traded Fired Retired Podcast: Louis Wright

Many think he should be in the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Afterall, he’s one of only four defensive players on the NFL 1970’s All-Decade team not in Canton and the only corner back on that same list without a bust. But to Louis Wright, all that matters is what his teammates thought of him.  

He grew up in California and gravitated to track and football in high school. He spent one year at Arizona State where he was moved from his high school position of defensive end to defensive back. As Louis says he “partied” his way out of ASU after one year and returned home to attend junior college where he ran track and sat on the bench for the football team.  

He got back to a Division One school when San Jose State offered him a track scholarship. Then a very smart assistant football coach saw him running and convinced him to join the football team. He rode the pine again, until the Spartans played ASU (coincidentally) and Louis was called in for a play. He made a spectacular tackle and never sat on the bench again.  

The Broncos chose Louis with the 17th overall pick in the 1975 draft. His 12-year career with the Broncos included accolades like 5 Pro Bowls, 4 First-Team All-Pro, Ring of Fame, 50th Anniversary Team, two Super Bowl appearances, 26 career interceptions and 11 fumble recoveries. His stats are not as high as other DB’s because quarterbacks feared what might happen if they threw his way, so many times they didn’t.  

After he retired, Louis finished his degree and eventually earned his teaching certificate as well. He recently retired from 28 years of teaching and coaching in the Denver area. He continues to run (in his 70’s), stay in touch with teammates and keep his humble attitude.