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Susie Wargin

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Cut Traded Fired Retired Podcast: Jordan Norwood

It would have been easy to walk away from the NFL after being released over and over again. Afterall, Jordan Norwood could head into the real world with his degree from Penn State and find something right? But he didn’t. Instead, he used his down time to stay in shape, rehab injures, plan for the future and work in philanthropy. Today he’s reaping the rewards of his planning and charity work and has a Super Bowl ring because he toughed it out.  

Jordan grew up the son of a football coach and his family of 7 moved around often. He also learned football from a coaching perspective, which proved very fruitful in the NFL as he was constantly learning new schemes and adapting to wherever a team placed him.  

His “natural” position was wide receiver which is why the Broncos signed him. Denver also made him a return specialist, a position he had never played before, but quickly excelled in it. In Super Bowl 50, Jordan set a Super Bowl record by returning a punt 61 yards, helping to set up a field goal for the Broncos.  

After retiring from football, Jordan started some business ventures. Today he is the CEO of DIME MKTG, a company helping athletes realize and improve their brand and value. He is also on the board of directors for The Denver Dream Center and runs a yearly golf tournament to help raise funds for youth and sports programs.