Washington State Next to Legalize Lane-Splitting?

The motorcycling community shared in a collective cheer of victory when California passed legislation that officially recognized lane-splitting as a legal motorcycling maneuver. This victory opened up the possibility that other states could follow suit and allow motorcyclists in their states to safely ride between lanes in high traffic. But has that hope panned out?

Which State Will Be the Next to Legalize Lane Splitting?

Right now, several states have finally taken up the banner of making lane splitting legal. Oregon, Montana and Utah all have bills that were introduced recently, but it’s the bill in Washington state that’s getting all the attention. That’s because the bill in Washington has just passed through the Washington State Senate.

Senate Bill 5378 was sponsored by Senator Tim Sheldon, and it is being looked at across the country as a model for safe lane splitting legislation. The bill would enable what it dubs as lane-sharing at speeds of up to 35 mph. However, any motorcyclist sharing lanes must also not go 10 mph faster than their surrounding traffic. The bill also makes it illegal for car drivers to block motorcyclists from passing in between lanes.

Even though the measures in this bill are being hailed as a blueprint for rest of the country, it could still face a lot of opposition. A similar bill was killed by Washington’s House of Representatives when representatives refused to hear it. Now, motorcycle advocates are urging motorcyclists nationwide to contact Representative Judy Clibborn’s office at (360) 786-7926 to let their voices be heard.

The next biggest step in the fight to bring lane splitting to our roads nationwide may just be getting another state to follow California’s example. Do you think Colorado should try to become the next state to legalize lane splitting? Head over to our Twitter and Facebook pages to share your concerns with Colorado’s motorcycling attorneys.

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