Is This Your Kind Of Harley-Davidson Motorcycle?

In recent years, Harley-Davidson has tried to tweak its image a little bit. The company still wants to maintain the Harley “lifestyle”, but executives realize that the lifestyle needs new blood. So, the company that has historically kept its bikes pretty much the same has started adding more and more updates. Well, Harley’s latest update is an all-new motorcycle, but does it stack up to the other bikes in its class?

Is the New Harley-Davidson Motorcycle Your Kind of Bike?

Harley has been seeing some success with its flat track racing motorcycle—the XG750R—so it comes as no surprise that the manufacturer would put it in a street going model. Enter the Harley-Davidson Street Rod. It has the Revolution X 750 v-twin engine, and it now holds the title of “most nimble Harley”. With inverted forks and a serious tuning on its engine, it promises a better ride through urban settings than its Street 750 sister model, but will that be enough in today’s market?

Victory has closed up shop, but before it went, it graced the riding public with the Octane. This bike’s engine may be 1200cc, but it runs at a similar weight and price as Harley’s Street Rod. Worse yet for HD, the Octane will be on clearance sale pricing, and it’s not the only motorcycle in this class.

Indian, the company that ate Victory, has its own Scout Sixty. This bike punches in a little heavier than the Street Rod, but it has more power and a 1200cc engine. This bike also has a price tag that matches the Harley, but at the other end of the pricing spectrum, Indian also released its Scout FTR750. That bike is a track only model so far, but it could get the street treatment soon.

If Indian releases another scout that mixes performance at a price lower than Harley’s Street Rod, will it sell? Will Harley’s new bike be able to withstand the clearance pricing on the Victory Octane? Only time will tell, but the attorneys that ride at the Metier Law Firm will continue to watch and see. Keep checking our Twitter and Facebook feeds for more info.

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