A Motorcycle RoadTrip Is the Best Vacation to Take

Peter Fonda once said that a motorcycle is an instrument you use to experience life. If you’ve ever ridden a motorcycle for more than 100 miles, you know what he’s talking about. There is a freedom and connectedness that washes over you when you are out on the road. It’s therapeutic, and it’s one of the many reasons that motorcycle road trips make fantastic vacations.

Why There’s No Better Vacation Than a Motorcycle Road Trip

Driving a car can be fun under the right circumstances—like when you hit a good road or take it to a race track—but that car is limited in so many ways. Cars are basically boxes on wheels, they close you off from the world you are driving through, but a motorcycle…

There are no walls between you and nature when you are riding your motorcycle. You can look up to see the eagle soaring over your head. You can hear the water rushing over rocks in the nearby river. You can smell the scent of the pine forest as you cut a line through it. That connection to nature, it will work out the tensions from your day-to-day life every time.

When you ride a motorcycle, there is also less pressure to get somewhere than there is in a car. In a car—when you’re cut off from the world you’re driving through—there’s an urgency to get where you’re going. The emphasis becomes your destination, but as the old saying goes, traveling is all about the journey.

If you open yourself up to the freedom of the motorcycle, you’ll begin to realize how little an hour or two matters. This will let you pull over and enjoy the sites of the beautiful countryside you’re passing through. That’s how motorcyclist find that mom and pop diner that serves the perfect slice of apple pie. That’s how they meet other riders from the far-flung corners of the Earth. Riders stop when their interests are snared, and the ride they are on is better for the detour.

These are just some of the reasons that motorcycle road trips make great vacations. Can you imagine how you would feel after stringing several days of this kind of riding together? Head over to Facebook to share your motorcycle road trips with the attorneys who ride at the Metier Law Firm. We’d be happy to hear about your grand motorcycling adventures!

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