Six Reasons Why You Should Be Out Riding

You walk into that gas station or restaurant, take off your helmet and stretch. You feel people’s eyes on you, and you know they feel a little bit of wonder and excitement when they see your motorcycle gear. This often leads people to talking to you, and that inevitably leads to that one question every motorcyclist has heard—why do you ride? Well, we’ve all got our reasons, and here are a few the motorcycling attorneys at the Metier Law Firm enjoy the most.

The Top Six Reasons We Ride our Motorcycles

  1. The People You Meet–Because of wonder and curiosity, a lot of people will come up and talk to you if you ride a motorcycle. It’s an excellent time to share a story or two, and if you’re really lucky, you’ll spark the love of motorcycling in someone who will start riding for themselves one day.

  2. The Motorcycle Community–Nobody can quite name what this sense of comradery is, but it makes us wave at complete strangers just because they are riding on two wheels too. Just about every motorcyclist wants to hear about how your ride is going, what roads you are taking, and most of all, they want to talk to you about your bike.

  3. Your Health– Depending on the style of riding you prefer, you might be burning quite a few calories. However, this isn’t the only health benefit to riding motorcycles. Because you have to pay so much attention to the road and conditions, because you are so stimulated by the environment you’re riding through and because you have to stay calm constantly, riding a motorcycle actually helps your mental health.

  4. Improving the Economy–You may not realize this, but it’s hard for machines to assemble motorcycles. That means actual people are needed to manufacture these machines, and if you buy a custom bike or a boutique bike like the Arch Motorcycle, then that contribution raises even further. Motorcycles contributed around $24 billion to the economy in 2015 and employed almost 82,000 people. Imagine what could happen if more bikes were on the road.

  5. Freedom– There is nothing like hitting that open road and feeling the wind rush over you,seeing nature up close and experiencing the adrenaline of excitement. Many riders say they reach a state of zen while riding, others say it reminds them how valuable their home lives are and some say it’s just an escape that lets them get away from it all. No matter how you look at it, there’s freedom out there on your motorcycle. Embrace it!

  6. It’s Cool– Yeah,motorcycling is cool. You know it and everybody else knows it. You’ve always wanted to be cool, so learn how to ride already.

Tom Metier

Tom Metier

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