How Is One Crazy Law Hurting Motorcyclists?

Different places have different laws, and some of those laws make more sense than others. For instance, did you know that horses are considered vehicles in Colorado? Did you know catapults may not be fired at buildings in Aspen? It’s also illegal to grow dandelions within the city limits of Pueblo. Many of these unique laws are there because of unique circumstances you can only find in that location, but every once in a while, these laws can be a little too intrusive for their own good.

The Crazy Law Making Life Hard for Motorcyclists

In Louisiana, there is a law meant to stop evildoers in their tracks. This law makes it illegal to cover your face or wear a mask in public except during Mardi Gras, Halloween, or for religious purposes. That seems pretty reasonable. It should make it easier to tell if a criminal is getting ready to rob a bank or steal from somebody, but there’s a problem. This mask ban doesn’t specifically exclude motorcyclists.

That means any rider who wears a helmet that covers their face is breaking the law in Louisiana, but that’s usually not a problem, unless you’re in Shreveport. According to some riders, cops have been pulling them over and ticketing them for wearing a mask. This hasn’t sat well with Louisiana State Representative Alan Seabaugh of Shreveport.

He has written a bill that will exempt motorcyclists from the mask bill, which will allow them to wear whatever motorcycle head gear they want without risking a ticket. The bill is getting bipartisan support in the Louisiana Legislature, and it just unanimously passed a house committee on April 19th.

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