Motorcycle Stolen? Call Tom Hardy!

One morning in the Richmond suburb of London, a man was out for his Sunday drive when a moped ran a red light and crashed into his car. The riders immediately took flight, leaving the scene of the crime, and shocking onlookers. Could anyone stop these villains? Well, hold onto your short because here comes—na na na na—Bane!?

Hold the Phone Batman! Did Bane Just Stop Some Motorcycle Thieves?

It was Sunday, April 23rd when a moped slammed into a £50,000 Mercedes after running a red light. Instead of sticking around and exchanging insurance information, the two people on the moped immediately fled. However, they chose the wrong intersection to blow through.

Tom Hardy, the actor who portrayed Bane in the Batman film “The Dark Knight Rise” lives in that area and was strolling by when he witnessed the collision. Suddenly, the actor flipped into hero mode, and he started chasing the bad guys.

Running through a neighbor’s back yard garden, Hardy managed to restrain one of the moped riders and place him under citizen’s arrest, a Richmond Police officer caught the other rider. Turns out, the dashers were two 16-year-old boys who are now suspected of stealing the moped that they crashed into the Mercedes.

The mother of one of the boys later thanked Tom Hardy for apprehending her son. She says the boy has a mental illness, and now he might be able to get the proper treatment. And as for the star of “Mad Max”, “The Revenant” and “Inception”, he has returned to his mild-mannered day job of playing superheroes on the big screen.

Brought to you by the motorcycling attorneys of the Metier Law Firm— Don’t steal motorcycles, or Tom Hardy will find you and arrest you!

Tom Metier

Tom Metier

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