Why Do Thieves Steal Motorcycles?

Motorcycles are awesome, aren’t they? Nothing else provides the kind of exhilaration and freedom a motorcycle provides, and that’s probably one of the reasons we become so attached to these magnificent machines. However, there are people out there who don’t care about the sanctity of our rides, they just see an opportunity to make easy money.

Why Would Anyone Want to Steal Motorcycles?

Motorcycles are small, light, and chocked full of expensive mechanical parts. They are often free rolling when not activated, and they often have few security measures keeping thieves away. According to one thief, he can get up to around $3500 for a 1000cc sportbike. If that thief is lucky enough to nab a high-end Harley-Davidson, he stands to make several thousand dollars more.

For these reasons, criminals often see bikes as an opportunity to make easy money. However, paranoid bike owners can still protect their rides. Understanding how these criminals think can be very illuminating when it comes to protecting your steel pony, so here are some things you may not have known about motorcycle thieves.

What Motorcycle Thieves Think

  • They Want Parts– Most thieves make their money on motorcycles by stripping them or selling them for parts. A few operations are the exception, but they usually shipping high-end bikes overseas.
  • They Go After Popular Motorcycles– The more popular your bike is, the more likely it is to be stolen. That’s because demand is higher for parts when it comes to these popular models.
  • They Steal What’s Easier to Steal– A motorcycle thief wants to steal a bike as quickly as they can. The longer they take to steal a bike, the more likely the thief is going to get caught. So, bikes with more visible security are less attractive to a thief.
  • They Have a Few Tricks– Motorcycle thieves that have been around the block know how to get around certain security measures. They know it’s easy to remove a wheel if the bike has a front wheel lock. They know how to freeze a chain that’s laying on the ground and break it with a sledge hammer. They know that some motorcyclists leave a spare key in the trunk.

What else do motorcycle thieves do to make off with your precious ride? Join the attorneys who ride next week as we continue to take a hard look at motorcycle theft and how to prevent it.

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