Is Your Motorcycle Safe When You Go to a Rally?

Motorcycle rallies are one of the coolest parts about being a motorcyclist. Where else can you go and meet new people interested in the same thing as you? These events often turn out to be not only fun, but they can also change your life. However, if you’re not careful, that change could be for the worse.

How to Keep Your Motorcycle Safe at a Motorcycle Rally?

Colorado is famous for its good motorcycle roads, and its friendly motorcycle rallies, but there is something you might not be aware of. Criminals often target motorcycle rallies as the perfect place to make a quick buck. They often swoop in and make off with precious motorcycles while riders are busy mingling and having a good time. Is there some way to stop these criminals from ruining your rally experience?

  • Make It Hard– Though your bike will be among many, that doesn’t mean you can be lax when it comes to security. Don’t leave your keys in your bike, and make sure to engage the ignition lock. It may not be a lot, but it’s just the first step in keeping your bike safer while you’re at the rally.
  • Lock It Up– Don’t let your ignition lock be the only security your bike has. Get a wheel lock or a chain lock to keep your bike safe. These locks act as a deterrent for criminals, and if you have an alarm on your bike as well, it can do wonders to make sure your bike doesn’t wind up stolen.
  • Park Wisely– Make sure to park in a well-lit area under the watchful eye of a security camera. An extra option is to park next to an immovable object you can chain your bike to. If a stationary object is not available, park with a group of friends and chain your motorcycles together. This will make loading your motorcycle in a van or a truck very difficult.
  • Don’t Put Paperwork in Your Trunk– There are better places to put your title, registration and insurance info. Don’t stick that vital info into your motorcycle’s trunk, a thief could use those documents to legally steal your bike as well as physically.

Are there other ways to keep your motorcycle safe during a rally? Well, the attorneys who ride at the Metier Law Firm have a few ideas. Keep up with us as we continue to dive into motorcycle security all June long.

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