Are Autocycles Actually Motorcycles?

Since Polaris released its groundbreaking vehicle, the Slingshot, state governments have been flipping their wigs about just what it is. Are the Slingshot and vehicles like it motorcycles, or do these vehicles’ steering wheels make them cars? This is a question that lawmakers all over the country have been trying to sort out, but here’s some good news. Colorado has classified these vehicles, so autocycle owners all across the state, don’t have to be confused about it any longer.

What Kind of License Do I Need to Drive an Autocycle?

As of March 23, 2017, autocycles have been classified as motorcycles in the state of Colorado, but there’s a catch. Autocycles are considered a special type of motorcycle with a special set of rules.

  • If the vehicle has handlebars instead of a steering wheel, it is not considered an autocycle. That means that all you Can-am riders out there will still have to follow motorcycle rules when you are out on your ride.
  • Every driver and passenger in an autocycle must wear seatbelts as per Colorado motor vehicle laws. That means if it has a bucket seat, you had better have a safety restraint engaged while motoring around in it.
  • The last thing you need to know about the special rules surrounding autocycles is that you don’t need an M classification to drive one anymore. Seeing as how autocycles have bucket seats, a gas and brake pedal, a shifter and a steering wheel it makes sense that you should only need a driver’s license in order to take one out on the public road.

This fairly new stance on autocycles couldn’t make Polaris and other autocycle makers more happy. These companies have tried to convince state lawmakers all around the country that only a driver’s license should be required for these machines. However, many states are still enforcing their motorcycle helmet laws when it comes to these machines. In Colorado, that means you will have to wear a helmet if you are under 18 and decide to ride or drive an autocycle. However, if you are over 18, it is your right to choose whether you wear a helmet or not.

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