Who Would Steal a Little Boy’s Minibike?

One morning not too long ago, a little boy woke up to find his mini motorcycle was gone. It was a crushing blow for this little motorcycle enthusiast, because this bike was very special. Now, this child’s loss has brought his community together to make right the wrong that left an entire neighborhood heartbroken.

When a Little Boy’s Minibike Is Stolen

Every time he heard a motorcycle, little Logan would run to the door, thinking his dad had returned from a ride. However, the boy’s father will never walk through that door again. That’s because in January of this year, Logan’s father lost his life.

After his father’s passing, the little boy became attached to the last gift his father gave to him, a mini motorcycle. The boy cherished the bike, playing on it, watching TV on it. His grandmother told reporters that the only time the boy ever got off the bike was to go to bed. So, when the boy woke up one morning to find that the bike had been stolen from his backyard, he was devastated, along with his entire family, but they weren’t alone.

A neighbor heard the story of the little boy’s bike being stolen, so he contacted his motorcycling buddies and they began fundraising. Before long, they had enough to get Logan a new bike, and they presented it to him and took this little motorcycling fan out for a ride.

There is still no word on who could have taken this little boy’s last memory of his father, but the motorcyclists in his community wanted to make sure that he could move forward to make new memories down the road. The motorcycling community is all about giving back and helping those in need. We all strive to pay it forward, so the world can be just a little better.

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