Watch Out! Motorcycle Mommas Riding Your Way!

Why do you ride a motorcycle? For some it is a question of relaxation, for others it is a meditation. The freedom of the open road calls out to many souls, but it is apparently calling out to mothers pretty loudly right now.

Why Are Moms Becoming Motorcyclists?

A trend is emerging in this new generation of mothers, and that trend is motorcycling. Like all riders, these moms have their own reasons for strapping on leather and hitting the open road, but so many of them are finding their way to the sport that one has to wonder what appeal two wheels has to these women.

In a video on USA Today, Sarah—a new mom—enjoys the solitude and the time she has to herself while riding. Another mom in the video, Ali, had always wanted to ride, and so she saved up and suited up. Motorcycling mom Vanessa also proves that riding isn’t just a young mother’s game, she has grandchildren.

This is a growing phenomenon in the motorcycling world, and it may surprise you to learn that more than just moms are hopping onto two wheels. According to the Motorcycle Industry Council, only 8 percent of registered motorcycle owners were women back in 1998. Fast forward to 2014, and around 14 percent of registered owners are women. That’s 1.2 million riders!

Signs point to that number growing as riding gear manufacturers have started focusing more on women riders. Manufacturers are also trying to tap into this market by building motorcycles with lighter frames yet strong engines. Motorcycle marketing for women is increasing, and special events for women—like the ADVWoman Rally—are popping up all over the country.

Motorcycling is turning into a woman’s world, and the motorcycling attorneys at Metier Law Firm couldn’t be more excited to see where that takes us!

Tom Metier

Tom Metier

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