How to Ride During the Fall

Durango, Montrose, Grand Junction: All of which are about to have their Oktoberfest celebrations. You would love to ride your motorcycle down, but fall has arrived, and you just don’t know how to handle it. Good thing the motorcycling attorneys at Metier Law Firm are here to help. Here are a few ways you can extend your motorcycling season into fall.

Do You Know How to Ride in the Fall?

When the weather starts to cool, mother nature responds in several ways, and as a motorcyclist planning to ride during the fall season, you better be prepared for those changes.

  • Animals actually become more active in the cool fall temperatures as compared to the hot days of summer. That’s because they need to build up their fat and food stores in preparation for the winter. That means bears, deer, elk and even moose are going to be out and about foraging. As a rider, you need to be extra aware of these animals.
  • The next big change that mother nature throws at motorcycle riders are the fall colors. Looking at the beautiful color changes can be distracting and you should pull over to enjoy these views, but the color change indicates an even bigger danger for motorcyclists—fallen leaves. The leaves that trees shed in the fall can be as slippery as gravel, and if those leaves are wet, expect them to be as slippery as ice. You should try to avoid patches of leaves whenever you can.
  • At the end of all that summer riding, you may find that your ride has taken some wear and tear. You should check your motorcycle over before you go out riding for the fall. Not only will it keep you safe while on the cool fall roads, but it’ll reduce the amount of maintenance you must do on your bike before you store it for the winter.
  • Riding in the fall can be fun, but only if you are ready for it. Don’t forget that temperatures while riding can get up to 20 degrees lower than the ambient temperature. Dress in layers so you don’t freeze. Electronic warming gear can also come in handy when riding in cold temperatures.

Brought to you by the attorneys who ride at Metier Law Firm—ride safe this fall!

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Tom Metier

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