Airbnb for Motorcycles… Say What?

Have you ever heard of Turo? It is a car rental service like no other. Like Airbnb, Turo allows owners to rent their vehicle out to people looking for a particular car in their area. It’s an interesting concept to say the least, but would such a service work well for motorcycles? There’s a new company trying to figure that out.

Will the Airbnb of Motorcycles Work?

Twisted Road is a new company looking to make an imprint on the motorcycling world. It provides a service that allows motorcycle owners to rent out their motorcycles. That means travelers can rent a motorcycle for their ride in an area that they are visiting without having to go through a rental agency. However, the system still has a few kinks.

Insurance worries are the largest hurdle that this new service is facing at the moment. Currently, renters must provide their own insurance when renting bikes from Twisted Road, and that may leave some bike owners in a bit of a bind. As most motorcycle owners know, not all motorcycle insurance is built equally, and sometimes adjusters for these insurers can stick motorcycle owners with a poor claim response.

Twisted Road is offering to work with renter’s insurance companies to guarantee that damages up to $15,000 will be covered. That means owners of exotic and expensive motorcycles from the likes of Arch, Ducati and Harley-Davidson probably won’t be offering their bikes for rent at this point. The company trying to fix this issue by getting a full coverage solution for its owners and renters.

The company has also approached dealerships about renting their bikes on the service. Considering that it is often hard to get a test ride for new motorcycles, this option could be another method for motorcycle shoppers to test bikes before they buy them. But once again, the insurance issue is making some dealerships hesitant to take the leap.

Do you think Twisted Road will solve its problem with insuring its rentals for both owners and customers? Would you ever consider renting out your motorcycle? The attorneys who ride at Metier Law Firm are interested to see where this high-tech motorcycling solution goes, so keep checking in to see if there are any updates… and yes, Twisted Road does seem to have some motorcycles available in Colorado.

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