How Far Can an eMoto Go in 24hrs?

A new record was set for longest distance travelled on an electric motorcycle within 24 hours. A rider from Germany accomplished this feat, once again surprising the world with the how far electric motorcycles have come. But hold the phone! Another record set right here in the U.S. may actually dwarf the record set by this European rider.

Which Record Should Stand?

Remo Klawitter owns a bicycle shop in Germany, and he is also a proud electric motorcycle enthusiast. He rides a 2018 Zero DSR ZF14.4, and at some point last year, he decided he wanted to do something special on the bike. He saddled up and mapped out a loop that stretched between Berlin and the Land Centre for Renewable Energies in Neustrelitz. Riding at an average of nearly 30 mph, Klawitter rode in 90 mile stretches and took breaks for recharging both the bike and himself. Once he had travelled 691.8 miles, his 24-hour clock ran out, and he had set a new record for distance traveled in 24 hours. Or did he?

Back in 2014, a man by the name of Terry Hershner decided to take on the “Iron Butt” challenge, but he decided to make it a unique ride. He decided to use his modified 2012 Zero S. He decided to do the ride in California, where he could not only ride great roadways, but also find enough charge stations to make the ride possible. He started the trip in San Jose, and road a 1000-mile circuit that ended back in San Jose. The trip lasted 22 hours and 57 minutes.

So, which electric motorcyclist has the record? As with many records, it depends on the location and circumstances. In Europe, Klawitter holds the record, whereas Hershner holds the record here in the U.S. The other distinction is that Klawitter used a stock Zero equipped with the retail optional “Charge Tank”. The Zero motorcycle used by Hershner was customized with improved regen capabilities, reduced weight, and specialized bodywork.

For now, both bikes are still some ways off from performing as well as gas-powered motorcycles, but they aren’t far off. How much longer will it be before you consider an electric motorcycle as your next two-wheeled steed? The attorneys who ride at Metier Law Firm will keep following the news and let you know as the next generation of motorcycle starts to shape up.

Tom Metier

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