4 Motorcycle Myths Busted!

As Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month draws to a close, we would like to look at some long-standing myths that circulate in the motorcycling community. These legends have not only gotten many people in a lot of trouble, they’ve also convinced many riders that their safety depends on some rather unsafe practices. So, in an effort to improve your safety awareness, the motorcycling attorneys here at Metier Law Firm want to help clear the air.

Motorcycle Myths You Should Ignore

  • Underinflate New Tires – There is a myth that says you should break in new tires by riding them around several miles underinflated. This is a terrible idea. Underinflated tires can cause blow outs, loss of traction, and reduce the life of the tire. Consult the manufacturer of the tire to find out the proper break-in procedure, and don’t put yourself in danger with this silly myth.
  • Young Riders Have a Higher Risk of Crashing – We can understand where this myth comes from; after all, teenagers have the highest rate of traffic fatalities among all age groups. However, if you take a look at motorcycle traffic statistics, this trend changes. According to the NHTSA, motorcyclists between the ages of 40 and 55 make up the majority of motorcycle-related traffic deaths.
  • Low-Side If You’re About to Crash – Why would you crash in order to lessen another crash? It doesn’t make any sense to lay your bike down before a crash, but this myth gets a lot of traction in the community, though it’s not accurate. Motorcycle crashes happen fast, so fast that most riders don’t have the opportunity to take evasive actions. If you have enough time to lay your bike down before a crash, then you probably also have the time to avoid the crash all together.
  • Worrying About Crashing Causes Crashes – No. No. No. Though getting fixated on crashing can turn your ride bad really fast, having a healthy awareness that a crash could happen won’t hurt you. Being aware that you could crash is a critical component to making sure you are prepared for a situation that could result in a crash. This allows you to prepare and plan ahead, and it is also one of the reasons that Colorado State Patrol emphasizes rider training as a tool to combat motorcycle fatalities.

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