Which Roads Require the Most Skill?

Colorado is a fantastic place for motorcycling. Our scenic roads, mountains, canyons and history make our state the perfect motorcycling destination, but what roads should you ride? There are many types of roads here in Colorado, some easy, some technical and difficult. Luckily, the Colorado State Patrol has made a map to help you determine which road is best for your skill level.

Colorado Highways of Skill

If you’re a fan of nice and easy cruises, then almost any section of Interstate 70 will do, but US 24 may be just a bit too intense for a casual ride. This is the type of information that the Colorado Motorcycle Skill Rating Map provides. It can tell you not only the difficulty of a particular road, it also lets you know when there’s a scenic byway or an unpaved road so you can slow down.

Challenging Roads

  • State Road 14 – This road starts out in Gould and follows the Poudre River along a beautiful scenic canyon. Also known as Poudre Canyon Road, it can be found just northwest of Fort Collins, but be warned. This road winds and curves along with the water way, which means it has some pretty difficult turns. Slow down when you’re out on this road.
  • US 24 – Another difficult road that requires skill and a slow approach is US 24. This road starts north of Leadville and goes through Tennessee Pass. This road is also a scenic byway, which is a good reason to slow down while handling the road’s technical switchbacks.

Easier Roads

  • US 34 (Before Grand Lake) – Starting out near Granby, US 34 is a calm sedate ride that has beautiful vistas and even gives you a great view of Lake Granby. However, once this road approaches Grand Lake, it becomes far more challenging. Only experience riders should try to take on this road’s full stretch.
  • US 40 – This road is a pleasant ride, though perhaps not as scenic. Start out in Parshall and you can ride it out past Muddy Creek and up into Walden without too dramatic of a ride.

Remember, riding the roads of Colorado can be both fun and challenging. Considering the sites, the weather, and how technical the road is should be a part of you planning phase before your ride even gets underway. For more information about riding the great expanse of Colorado, keep following the motorcycling attorneys at Metier Law Firm.

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