Could Jets Prevent Motorcycle Crashes?


If you read the title of this story and imagined fighter jets escorting you down the highway as you ride the Colorado canyons on your Harley, then you have a very active imagination. However, the truth of this story probably took just as much imagination to conjure up. Bosch, an automotive and motorcycle electronics manufacturer, is working on a project that could add a jet engine to your bike. The crazy thing is that this jet could possibly keep you from crashing.

How Jets and Motorcycle Safety Go Hand-in-Hand

Do you ever worry about road debris when you are out riding? It is one of the biggest safety concerns for the experienced rider. A patch of sand or gravel can be a one-way ticket to road rash, especially if you encounter it while turning. Bosch is looking to change that.

Right now, the electronics manufacturer is researching a system that will detect if your motorcycle is tipping over while you are riding. If such a slip is registered, then the system will then fire a gas jet, forcing your tires into the ground, improving your grip and preventing a slide which could result in a crash.

The manufacturer is already testing the system in prototype form, which means we could soon see them out on the open road. This is a stunning development from the manufacturer, which is already working on systems that allow your motorcycle to speak to cars. Though Ducati did explore turning motorcycle exhausts into jets that prevent wheelies, a safety application such as this could actually prevent crashes.

As motorcycling attorneys invested in the safety of Colorado’s motorcyclists, Metier Law Firm will continue to watch this safety development and others. Keep checking in with us to see what other fantastic innovations could help you keep the shiny side up.

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