5 Tips for a Better Motorcycle Ride

Riding a motorcycle is not only a great way to explore our vast and beautiful state, it’s also a pure expression of freedom. That being said, are you truly getting to enjoy your time riding? Well, the attorneys who ride at Metier Law Firm want to help you enjoy your ride more. Here are a few tips to help you make the most out of your motorcycle ride.

Five Ways to Make Your Ride Better

  • Know Your Surroundings – Motorcycling can be a little dangerous at times. But instead of worrying about those dangers constantly, make a habit of being aware of your surroundings. Scan and look around constantly, that way you will not only get to see the fantastic sights, you’ll also know what’s going on around you.
  • Know Your Bike – Did you realize there was an adjuster on your clutch lever that changes how the clutch engages on your bike? There’s an adjuster like that on your front brake too. Some motorcycles even have the ability to change foot peg/plate positions. Learn where these adjusters are and play with them until you find the setting that best fits you.
  • Maintain the Balance – Do you know where the optimal balancing point on your bike is? For sport and standard bikes, it can be close to the tank, so sit a little forward. For cruisers, that balancing point can be a little further back. When you’re stopped, slide around in your bike’s seat and find that sweet spot in the bike’s balance. You’ll get a more comfortable and responsive ride for your efforts.
  • Practice Your Skills – When was the last time you practiced cornering, braking or transitioning? These are essential skills when it comes to motorcycling. So, it never hurts to find an empty parking lot to practice these skills. If you practice, these maneuvers will be come second nature and hopefully keep you out of a sticky situation.
  • Remember to Stay Loose – You can’t have a relaxing ride if you are strangling your motorcycle’s controls. You can’t maneuver quickly is you are stiff-backed and tense. Most of all, if you don’t loosen up, you are going to start hurting, and pain can be a major distraction while riding. Loosen up, relax and have faith in your ride. If you’ve bothered to learn your bike and practice, then you should be in for a fun ride.

Remember, motorcycling is more than just “driving”. It takes skill, patience and a commitment to continue learning. The motorcycling attorneys at Metier Law Firm hope you have a safe ride!

Tom Metier

Tom Metier

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