Riding Through the 100 Deadliest Days

Do you know when is the most dangerous time of the year to go out riding? Many would think that it’s in the middle of winter, but they would be wrong. It turns out summertime is not only the season for riding, but also the season for crashing. The 100 days between Memorial Day and Labor Day are particularly dangerous.

Surviving the 100 Deadliest Days to Ride

Since 2013, 908 people have died between the months of June and August on Colorado roads. This accounts for almost a third of the total traffic deaths since 2013. That means that the most active time for traffic fatalities is between Memorial Day and Labor Day. But why does this happen every year?

Authorities believe more tourists, teenage drivers and an increase in motorists causes this spike in fatal crashes every year. With school out, there are more inexperienced drivers on the road than at any other time of the year. Tourists that are unfamiliar with mountain passes also make Colorado’s roads more dangerous in summer months. To fight this, authorities are conducting what they call the “Summer Blitz”.

During the “Summer Blitz”, law enforcement will be ramping up their citations for distracted and impaired driving. They will also be ramping up enforcement of seat belt laws. For motorcyclists, they are asking riders to participate in MOST rider training courses. They also caution riders to be more careful near intersections, and they are reminding drivers to “Look Twice” for motorcyclists.

Motorcyclists make up only 3 percent of roadway users, but account for 20 percent of roadway fatalities. We can help change this by spreading the word about motorcycle safety, and by holding responsible parties accountable for motorcycle crashes.

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