Does Riding Make You a Safer Driver?

Riding a motorcycle entails more risk than driving a car. Having to deal with road debris, weather conditions and distracted drivers often sharpens a rider’s skills. But do those skills translate to improved driving? A new study from Britain may have the answer.

Does Motorcycling Make You a Safer Driver?

British insurance brokerage Carole Nash has discovered something very interesting about motorcyclists. It seems that they may be better drivers than non-motorcyclists. According to a recently released three-year study, drivers who didn’t have motorcycle endorsements file 11 percent more insurance claims.

The study also goes on to show that when drivers retake their driving test, 16 percent fail. However, when motorcyclists take their driving exam, only 6 percent didn’t pass.

These findings mimic another study that the motorcycling attorneys at Metier Law Firm reported on. In that study, people who had insurance on both a car and a motorcycle were 23 percent less likely to file a claim.

Studies like these have led to British motorcyclists getting discounts on their car insurance. One company is sporting an £89 discount as well as a website detailing the advantages of being a motorcyclist who also drives.

Does this mean motorcyclists drive safer than motorists here in America too? Do you think we should get insurance discounts on our car insurance too? Tell us what you think on Facebook and Twitter.

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